smokeless cigarette's Holder Designers

Akihiro Kumagaya Design

As an extensional behavior of smelling cigar smoke, I came to think of the action of breathing in the forest.Since tobacco belongs to eggplant family, I collected twigs and logs to study how to breathe in the forest.Taking the familiar form of wooden pipe and reminding the way of smoking with a pipe, this holder is made of raw wood and rough timber that smell even wilder. The lasting scent of the wood and its texture reminds that of real wood and makes one feel like smoking the scent directly from the wood.

forest pipe

熊谷 彰博

Born in 1984 in Tokyo, Kumagaya’s flexible range of works including concept making, design, and direction create new experiences. Throughout his works,Kumagaya seeks to identify real purpose of things hidden behind the front scene. Major works include “CBG-2” camera bag for Olympus, KDDI iida LIFESTYLE PRODUCTS, Design Sheet, EHON TRAY, Art direction for ”aiiima” in Creative Lounge MOV at Shibuya Hikarie.

熊谷 彰博


Daily fashion styling and coordination is made up according to weather and TPO in addition to the spice of one’s knowledge and skill of styling.We at ÉDIFICE identify such daily styling ritual as playing with dice and made it our product motif. Picking your necktie or styling for next holiday destination according to the face of dicing. Why don’t you enjoy casting the dice of life?



Fashion and lifestyle house for style conscious males offering wide range of style from daily casual to formal dressing: Comforting style with an edge is reflected in store interior, where high quality products and customer care create the house’s own elegance for savvy grown males.


Jin Kuramoto Design

This is a story created by three tools having different characters. Many stories, comics, and animations feature a unit of 3 characters. Maybe this is because 3 is the minimum number that creates infinite development of the story. I created 3 characters out of the same purpose, material, and making condition.


倉本 仁

Born in 1976 in Awaji, Hyogo and graduated from Kanazawa College of Art, Kuramoto worked at a home electronic manufacturer before establishing JIN KURAMOTO STUDIO in 2008. Kuramoto’s works include product development of furniture, home electronics, and utilities for both international and domestic clients. Received many prominent awards including IF Design Award and Good Design Award.




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